Emma Signature Bed Bundle

entire bed


  • Comfortable and ergonomic
  • Ideal for side sleepers
  • Easy assembly without tools
  • Odorless
  • No noises when moving
  • Sturdy


  • Too soft for some
  • No storage space
  • Expensive



FinalCheck verdict

Emma’s box spring bed was easy to assemble in no time. Our editors also thought it was very comfortable. If you like a soft bed, you can’t go wrong with this box spring bed. If, however, you are partial to a firmer sleeping surface, this bed likely isn’t for you.

First impressions




Other features

Delivery and first impressions

The Emma Signature Bed Bundle was delivered in its separate parts. The mattress and topper were rolled up, making transport a lot easier. All components of the bed arrived in good condition.

Every part of the bed is packaged separately.

The bed consists of a two-part bed frame, twelve frame feet, a headboard, a foam topper, and the pocket spring mattress Emma Helix. The size of the bed that we tested was 4’7’’ x 6’6’’. However, the box spring bed is also available in other sizes, namely, 5’3’’ x 6’6’’, 5’10’’ x 6’6’’, and 6’6’’ x 6’6’’. All sizes can be purchased with or without a topper. Depending on the size, the bed can cost between $1,850 and $2,180. Whether or not a topper is included also affects the price.

Regarding informational material, only an advertising booklet and the assembly instructions came with the delivery. The assembly instructions were helpful and easy to follow. However, our editorial team found the informational material somewhat limited. For instance, we would have liked more information regarding the mattress’s lying zones. It wasn’t clear to us at first which side of the mattress cover belonged on top. Still, this could be solved with some quick research and logical thinking. In addition, no tool for opening the mattress packaging was included upon delivery – as was the case with the Emma Two mattress. While this can also be done with a knife, a cutter, or scissors, those sharp objects might damage the fabric if you’re not careful.

items included
A useful unpacking tool and an information booklet as included with the Emma Two mattress were not included with the box spring bed.


One of the main reasons that box spring beds, otherwise known as divan beds, are so popular is that they are extremely easy to assemble. The same goes for the Emma Signature Bed Bundle: even without the instructions, it’s easy to assemble in a few simple steps. With the help of the instruction manual, assembling the bed becomes child’s play – even for people who are not particularly practical. The individual components are lightweight, meaning the bed can be assembled by one person without any help. The only part that might require assistance is the headboard, which has to be slid into the two parallel rails of the bed frame at the same time.

connecting frames
The two parts of the latching mechanism need only be pushed together – that is all it takes to connect the two-part bedframe.

No tools are needed to assemble the bed. You only need to screw the feet to the bed frame by hand, connect the two parts of the frame with the latching mechanism, insert the headboard into the bed frame’s rails, and you are done! Now, you only need to stack the mattress and topper on top of the bed frame. With this bed, there were no hiccups during the assembly – everything fit as intended. We were also happy with the wood and fabric quality. One thing that should be noted, however, is that the headboard is wider than the bed frame. Specifically, the headboard is 2,76’’ longer on each side. This might affect where you end up being able to put the bed.


The entire frame of the Emma Signature Bed Bundle is covered with fabric. The model we tested has a minimalistic dark grey color. The production quality of the fabric means that the bed looks and feels high-end.

full bed
It may not be very conspicuous, but the bed looks high-quality.

New mattresses tend to smell strongly of plastic or other packaging materials for a while after unpacking. In this respect we were positively surprised: Emma’s bed was completely odorless even directly after unpacking. There’s no need to air out the mattress and topper for ages before you use it.

The absolute highlight, however, was the bed’s noiselessness. Even with grown adults jumping up and down on it, it didn’t make any of the squeaky noises you would expect from a bed.


Lying on this bed almost feels like lying on clouds. The foam of the topper adapts to your body, making you feel property tucked in. The Emma Helix mattress, a hybrid of pocket springs and two types of foam, is divided into lying zones and ensures good support. The bed frame with springs provides additional comfort.

mattress side
Due to separate lying zones, your hips and shoulders sink in a little deeper that the rest of your body. This ensures an ergonomic sleeping posture with a straight spine.

The Emma bed has a very soft sleeping surface. However, the firmness of the mattress can be configured to a certain degree. The topper has two sides: a soft blue side and a slightly harder grey side. You can, therefore, choose which side you prefer. If both are too soft for you, you can leave the topper off completely. Although this is the firmest option, it would be wrong to suggest it is a hard mattress. Even with the topper removed, some of our team still found the mattress too soft. If you prefer a firm mattress, this bed won’t be ideal for you.

On the other hand, this bed is particularly good for side sleepers. Your shoulders and hips sink in thanks to the lying zones, meaning that your spine remains straight. Back sleepers had mixed reactions to the lying experience. Some found it a bit too soft, while, for others, it was just right. Other than your preferred sleeping position, the appropriate firmness also depends on your weight, body shape, and preferences. Generally speaking, we would recommend this bed to anyone who likes soft mattresses.

side sleeper
The mattress ensures a straight spine position for side sleepers.

We were also happy with the bed’s point elasticity. During an impromptu pressure test, only the areas on which we applied pressure sank in, and the mattress bounced back immediately. If there is someone else lying in the bed next to you, they should not notice you lying down or getting up too much. However, if you have a particularly sensitive partner, the best solution would be to purchase two separate mattresses. Point elasticity is also important if you’re sleeping alone. If it is insufficient, the mattress will sag in the area around the point on which pressure is exerted, like a hammock. This can lead to an unhealthy lying posture.

Other features

If you have very limited living space, this bed might not be the best fit. This, however, is less of a criticism of the bed itself and more of a general issue with box spring beds. After all, they inherently don’t have any storage space. Although bed frames with storage are available, they are an exception and not the norm.

The bed tops off at approximately 2’2’’ – a bit higher than most regular beds with slatted frames. If you sometimes have difficulties getting up and out of bed, this bed could be a good option. The increased height allows you to get in and out of bed without having to bend down too much.

man sitting on bed
The height of the box spring bed makes it easier to get in and out.

Like most box spring beds, the Emma bed does not have a slatted frame with gaps that allow air to circulate through the mattress. Air circulation still takes place, however, just differently: whenever pressure is exerted on the mattress, it “breathes” from the sides.

The Emma box spring bed is extremely sturdy. It passed our improvised stress test – two adults simultaneously using it as a trampoline – with flying colors, taking no damage in the process. In fact, it did not even make a sound. Children and adults should, therefore, be able to play on this bed without any reservations.


Costing between $1,850 and $2,180, the Emma Signature Bed Bundle is not exactly cheap. However, the mattress, which is usually the most expensive part of the bed, is already included. In our eyes, the bed justifies its price on merit, due to factors such as its high quality, sturdiness, and easy assembly.

two men on the bed
The height of the box spring bed makes it easier to get in and out.

If you are looking for a soft, ergonomic sleeping surface, Emma’s bed is a good choice. Among our testers, those who prefer softer mattresses were very enthusiastic about the bed – especially the side sleepers. For others, the bed was too soft – even without the topper. People who like a firm surface are better served looking for a bed with a rigid slatted frame and a firm mattress instead.

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