Nose hair trimmer purchasing advice: how to choose the right product

  • What you need to know
  • Trimming nose hair can benefit both aesthetics and hygiene.
  • Nose hair trimmers are relatively inexpensive compared to other shavers.
  • The blades rotate behind a cut guard, so there is no risk of injury.
  • Some models are also suitable for trimming beard contours and eyebrows.

Hygiene and aesthetics for men and women

The fact that people want to make as well-groomed and attractive an impression as possible is nothing new. The selection of personal care and hygiene products is therefore large and varied. While men tend to be a bit hairier in the nose than women, nevertheless, nose hair trimmers are often a staplein both genders’ grooming routines. They shorten protruding nose hair and some are also suitable for trimming ear hair as well as eyebrows.

In shape, nose hair trimmers resemble common razors. However, they are somewhat smaller and narrower. They also have a different shaving head. This is specially designed for cutting nose hair. Besides their added value for body aesthetics, nose hair trimmers are also important for hygiene. If the nose hairs become too long, germs can attach to them, sometimes leading to inflammation. However, to completely remove the hair does not benefit the health. Finally, they prevent the penetration of dirt and germs.

There should be no safety concerns when buying a trimmer. Although the inner wall of the nose is full of blood vessels and therefore sensitive, nose hair trimmers are designed so that the blades do not come into contact with it.

How nose hair trimmer works

Nose hair trimmers can be divided into two types: manual and electric. However, their application is very similar. Both must be inserted into the nostril by hand. Manual trimmers are operated with a slight movement, such as a short press or a slight twist. Whereas, electric nose hair trimmers are operated with a simple push of a button.

During use, the blades of the shaving head rotate at high speed and cut the hair just before the root. A comb usually helps by positioning the hair and keeping the blades away from the inner wall. Shear heads usually come in two types, straight and round shear heads. The former are flexible and are also suitable for the care of other areas of the face, such as the ears and eyebrows. With the latter, if necessary, even trim the beard.

Close-up man trimming nose hair

What are the types of nose hair trimmers?

Nose hair trimmers are operated either manually or electrically, i.e. with rechargeable or disposable batteries. Electric trimmers are also available as combination devices, where the shaving head is changed to remove different body hair. In addition, there are nose hair trimmers whose design is specifically oriented towards a female target group. Often, these can also be used in the bikini area.

Manual nose hair trimmer

Manual nose hair trimmers do not require electricity. Thus, they are well suited for travel. They also tend to be more durable, as they do not run the risk of technology failure. However, the operation of such a trimmer needs some practice. Especially for beginners, trimming with these devices can take a little more time. Thus, they are not ideal for unsteady hands.

Electric nose hair trimmer

Electric nose hair trimmers are quick and easy to use; thus, they are best suited for inexperienced users. Also, like all nose hair trimmers, they are very safe. The electric version comes in two versions: with replaceable batteries or built-in rechargeable battery. Models with rechargeable batteries are convenient for use at home, because they are easy to charge. For travel, however, they can be a bit cumbersome.

Models that run on batteries , on the other hand, are more practical for travel, as batteries are sold almost everywhere. However, this significantly increases the cost of the trimmer in the long run. Of course, they are not the most environmentally friendly option either, as batteries usually come in plastic packaging and are not recyclable everywhere. These disadvantages are eliminated when the user uses rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones. For any device with standard batteries can also be used rechargeable batteries of the same form. However, you will need a charger to charge them. So when traveling, rechargeable batteries mean more luggage.

Combination nose hair trimmer

Combination nose hair trimmers with different shaving heads are the all-in-one option for facial care. They are not to be understood as completely different devices, but simply allow users to replace the shaving head with a variant that is suitable for other areas. Thus, they are usually more expensive than pure nose hair trimmers.

electric trimmer with different attachments

They also need more accessories. Thus, they are not recommended for customers who only want to remove nose hair and don’t feel addressed by the other functions.

Nose hair trimmer for women

There are even nose hair trimmers that claim to be especially geared for women. Their only difference is that they can be used for trimming the bikini area.

What should be considered during use?

If you want to trim your nose hair, you need to see the light at the beginning of the tunnel. The area being trimmed must therefore be clearly visible to the user. This requires a mirror as well as a good light source. This allows safe and precise work.

Customers must also regularly check the condition of the blades. Blunt blades are not effective, after all. If the hair can not be cut cleanly, it is usually torn out. On the one hand, this causes pain, on the other hand, nose hairs fulfill an important function and should therefore not be removed together with the root. To avoid this problem, you also need to pay attention to the battery. If the device is no longer working at full power because the battery or batteries are almost empty, a clean cut can also not be achieved and the nose hairs are simply torn off.

Man trimming nose hair in front of small mirror

Shaving your nose when you have a cold is not only uncomfortable because your nose is irritated, but it is also counterproductive to the recovery process because the tiny hairs prevent coarse pollutants and bacteria from getting deeper into your nose. So, people who are recovering from a cold should refrain from using a nose hair trimmer.

Last but not least, the trimmer should be cleaned after each use. This prevents germs from collecting on the shaving head. This is because they could enter the body through the mucous membranes and respiratory tract during the next use. In addition, the blades will last longer if they are properly maintained. Since nose hair should not be shaved more often than every two weeks, taking care of the nose hair trimmer also does not take too much time.

The most important purchase criteria

Anyone who decides to buy a nose hair trimmer should be clear about some purchase criteria. These concern, for example, the care, the equipment and the acquisition of the equipment.

Processing quality

Especially a nose hair trimmer, which comes into contact with a sensitive area of the body, should be of high quality workmanship. A good indication of the trimmer’s build quality is the accuracy of fit of the attachments, insofar as they can be removed.

Shaving head

The choice of the appropriate trimmer is quite subjective. A good example of this is the shaving head. Whether round or straight, both are suitable for cutting nose hair. However, if you also want to use it to groom ear hair and eyebrows, you’ll be better off with the straight shaving head. Customers who want to trim their beard should go for a trimmer with a round shaving head.

Nose trimmer type

It is also important to know which type of nose trimmer is right for whom. The decisive factor is the choice between an electric and a manual trimmer. Electric powered trimmers are easier to use and trim faster. Manual trimmers, on the other hand, score high in terms of environmental friendliness, cost and durability.


Price is another relevant aspect when buying a trimmer. Usually nose hair trimmers are not very expensive. Thus, the purchase price is usually between 10 and 30 euros. More expensive does not mean better here. Prices often depend on how many accessories or features the device offers. If you merely need a nose hair trimmer, you can also buy a first-class device for ten euros.


The price often goes hand in hand with the manufacturer. The relatively low initial cost of nose hair trimmers makes it easy for customers to reach for reputable brands. For most prospective buyers, a price difference of about five or ten euros should not be important enough to opt for a second-rate product. Quality products from manufacturers such as Philips, Braun, AEG or Panasonic are accessible to everyone in terms of price.

Cleaning process

When deciding on a purchase, it is important not to underestimate how easily and thoroughly the product can be cleaned. For example, the trimmer should be waterproof so that it can be rinsed under running water. A removable shaving head also facilitates the cleaning process. Last but not least, some trimmers come with a small brush. This is a good way to remove fine hairs from the space between the blades.

Additional functions

Additional functions should also be included in the decision. For example, an integrated LED light is a very useful feature. This increases visibility in the absence of lighting. There are also trimmers with a suction function. With their help, less hair is distributed in the room or basin. Those on the go and unable to trim their nose hair over a sink will also benefit from this feature.

Where to buy nose hair trimmer?

The choice of suppliers from which to buy nose hair trimmers is extensive. Large electronics stores usually have a wide range of products. There you can usually find devices from renowned manufacturers such as Philips or Remington. Drugstores also sell nose hair trimmers, but you can expect a somewhat smaller supply there. Of course, trimmers can also be purchased on the Internet. There the choice is the largest. In addition, once consumers have decided on a product, they can quickly locate the cheapest supplier and thus save money.

Care and maintenance

The inside of the nose is an extremely sensitive region. In addition, germs and bacteria can easily enter the body through them. Therefore, the nose hair trimmers should be thoroughly cleaned after each use. In addition to health, lack of care also jeopardizes the longevity of the product. This is because fine hairs can collect in the shaving head and clog it.

One way to clean the nose hair trimmer is blowing. This will remove most of the hair from the blades. Then, in a second step, you take care of the rest. If the trimmer is waterproof, you can simply hold the blades under running water. The hairs can also be easily removed by means of the brush provided.

Nose hair trimmers are relatively low maintenance. However, two wearing parts must be replaced regularly: Blades and batteries. While it’s obvious when batteries need to be changed, dull blades are often less noticeable. These should be inspected regularly and also replaced as needed. After all, blunt blades are not only ineffective, but can also endanger health by pulling out the nose hair.

Nose hair trimmer with cleaning brush

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